In the sports business, longevity can be evasive. Long-term relevance is only realized with a combination of hard work, high performance, trust, mutually-beneficial partnerships, ability to adapt and large doses of perseverance. Premier Sports has built a track record of success that has now spanned the past three decades. Rooted in a deep passion for excellence and values, our team has been a major-league partner with sports properties and corporate brands, consistently delivering world-class work in an ever-changing world.

Check out a brief history of our ground-breaking projects at the highest level of sports:


"Play Football"
We helped the NFL launch it's highly-successful "Play Football" youth initiative – including NFL Punt, Pass & Kick and NFL Flag – an anchor platform for the past 25+ years.

College Football Playoff

BCS Rebrand
We led the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) rebrand to the College Football Playoff, a huge moment in the grand history of college football.


Framework + Connection
We built the framework for Major League Soccer, in its infancy, to connect the league with the nation's all-important youth soccer market that has become a significant component of the league's long-term success.


Hall of Fame
We partnered with the NABC to develop the strategic plan, launch and execution of the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame, the highest honor in the game, and continue to manage its marquee annual induction event 15 years later.

Health Systems

We engineered a trailblazing effort that created one of the first comprehensive medical and marketing partnerships between a health system and pro sports franchises in the NFL and MLB.


We helped a Fortune 100 company navigate their entry into the NCAA corporate partnership space and developed a marketing and community platform as its centerpiece.

Below is a high-level breakout of our current sports management business lines:

Event Management


Event Management

Premier has developed and produced world-class events on the biggest stages in sports. Our broad scope of expertise ranges from televised award shows, to fan experiences, to exclusive hospitality environments, to athletic competitions and now the rapidly-growing success of virtual events. Events bring sports, brands and people together, and Premier delivers at a championship level.

Sponsorship Consulting


Sponsorship Consulting

Sports transcend borders, languages and cultures. We work with companies to define sports sponsorship objectives and determine where they fit in the overall marketing mix of a brand, as an effective means to build brand awareness and consumer consideration. We then assess those opportunities and create innovative strategies to best utilize these investments.

Property Creation


Property Creation

From its infancy to a full-fledged grassroots marketing platform for a corporate partner, the development of a property takes more than just a couple of brainstorming sessions. We call into action an entire team contributing to all facets of the property and developing marketing plans and grassroots activities that encompass local, regional and national players.


Our team will immerse itself in your brand to thoroughly understand your culture, your audience and your business objectives. This equips us to successfully help you strategize and execute your sports marketing initiatives.


We inspire creative thinking – and challenge ourselves and our partners to explore “the world of possible.” That allows us to then effectively leverage the power of sports to inspire your audience. Using excellence as our guide, we’ll develop the ideal game plan.


We believe that inspiration is what ignites action. Ultimately, our goal is to find innovative and compelling opportunities that will build your brand, motivate your team and fuel your audience to new levels of loyalty. Together, we will knock it out of the park.


One key indication of Premier’s reputation and success in sports is who we’ve worked with over the years. We’ve partnered with virtually every major professional sports league and collegiate governing body that drives the sports business. And the lineup of individual personalities – athletes, coaches, broadcasters and entertainers – is, well, legendary. We’ve had the honor of hosting many of the greatest names in sports history while managing our events, partnerships and marketing platforms.